Perforated and clewed metal sheets, standard and costumized

Perforated metal

Perforated metal is a piece of metal sheet on which are made some holes, same between them, in different specific positions, made with a press that use a punch and a matrix to cut the metal.

Perforated metal is used for tecnical purposes, but also like decorative element to make or build furniture parts.

Clewed metal

With "clewed metal" means a piece of metal sheet on which are imprinted some specific shapes in relief. These shapes can be different related to the use that are made for.

The clawing of the metal make the sheets more rigid, strong and resistand from different factors.

Costumized metal sheets

All the different tipes of metal sheets can be requested in a specific size and thickness and in a specific material on the base of the future use that it is made for.